Xmas is slowly creeping upon us and the rush is probably going to take place at some point soon so I thought I'd do what I do best and put together a Xmas gift guide to inspire those of you that might be lost in the woods. I have 3 categories one for kids women and men within each of these is a diverse range of ideas that I hope could spark up an idea or just help you along the way. There generally speaking is always a budget friendly option for most things so be sure to go on Amazon or Google price check. I highly recommend online shopping I am an online shopper I like checking reviews, having items land on my doorstep in some cases even gift wrapped already, thus avoiding queues madness or over the whelming feeling in store of  .... I'll just take everything. You can also find some different things that generic stores don't stock.

Click on any of the images below for more information including prices


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