This Christmas will be a bit low key as far as decor is concerned we arrive back to Abu Dhabi a week before the day. I don't even think Ill put up the tree this year but I have a clever substitute which I will fill you in on later. For now though I thought quintessential Christmas for me is the making of these magazine trees. It's a bit of a yearly tradition it's so easy to throw together and if your a magazine hoarder and don't know want to throw them out them then this is the perfect craft for you. I can't even remember where this idea came from but definitely a memory from my youth ....this might be already familiar to some people out there.


Here's what you'll need 

  • Magazines of various thickness and size 
  • Spray Paint 
  • Cardboard box for spray painting (optional)
  • Embellishments think glitter confetti garland 

So I was going to post pictures of myself with the folding techniques but found a better illustration. To begin break the spine of the magazine by opening and bending it.

  1. Take the right hand corner tip of each page  and fold it inwards towards the seam
  2.  Take the same page and fold the right hand edge inwards to the seam you will end up with a shape resembling a tie
  3.  Fold the bottom triangle straight up it will create a flat edge which will be the base of the tree for which it will stand on.
  4.  Continue to do all pages of the magazine. Fan out and stand upright
  5.  Voila finished product

What I did discover is that the fuller the magazine the more whole the tree becomes. If you use a smaller magazine you'll find it will fan out to only half a tree thats okay if you are resting it against a wall and you cant see the back but to make a full tree glue two half trees  of the same size together. These make great centre pieces are great for a mantle fireplace or as general decoration.

  1. Rest the tree on an old blanket or cardboard box and spray until desired colour
  2.  Decorate your tree immediately before the paint sets so your glitter and embellishments stick to the tree

If your also interested in crafting up these hooped ornaments see the directions below they do compliment the trees after all. 

These homemade hanging ornaments are easier than they look to make and look really beautiful framed by a window at varying length and using different textured wools yarn and string. I would love to make a whole heap of these to create a chandelier .... maybe a thought for next year, in the meantime....

Here's what you'll need : 

  • String, yarn or wool (use multiple colours,textures, and thickness)
  • Embroidery hoop (different sizes)
  • Sticky tape 
  • Scissors 
  1. Take the outer ring off the embroidery hoop and apply double sided tape around the outside of the smaller ring 
  2. Tie the wool/string/yarn around the hoop and start your winding pattern 
  3. Once complete attach the outer ringin place  to fit over the smaller hoop and tie the string leaving some length to hang with
  • Star : Use a pencil and divide the circle up into 5 equal parts . Wind skipping a place every time and you will end up with a star pattern
  • Abstract  : I started with the star shape as above and then filled in the spaces without string creating a bit of a birds nest there is no real art to that I can describe but play around with it you will eventually find something you like.