For me I get just as excited about the wrapping of a gift as I do about the gift. So I thought to put together a post to elevate the everyday gift adding some toppers using craft materials. I put together three ideas from super simple to a little more advanced that you can recreate in next to no time and right in time for V day. Just add ribbon and some interesting wrapping print and voila.

Okay so lets start with the hard one first

Take your wool and wrap it around the end of a four prong fork until you have a really fat wad of wool cut it

Cut a small piece of wool lace it through the middle prong and tie remove from the fork and pull the tie tightly then knot.

Take your scissors and cut all the loops free then fluff it out and trim any loose ends into a ball like shape.

This will make small sized pom poms if you want to go larger use you phone or your hand or a piece of cardboard the ticker the item the bigger the ball.


For sure you will need some pretty cupcake wrappers it makes it interesting if you have different patterns as you can see the layers and colours.

Take the wrappers and turn them inside out layer them on top of each other in the palm of your hand scrunch them inwards to make a flower like shape

Keep one wrapper in tact and place on the bottom of the flower that way you will see the pattern on the bottom and scrunch one more time.

The hardest part of making this topper is selecting the flowers you'd like to use.

Simply tape the flower in the place ...I like to use the sticky tape with patterns it seems a little more interesting this way and a bit more rustic. You could also glue this directly to the paper for a seamless finish.