I can't even tell you how long I've been trying to get my wardrobe into a sensible order but now after reviewing different storage/sorting ways and applying some tips and tricks I've put together what works for me and think I've got it down. What I learned  is that organisation can save you time and money and I am trying to apply this to all aspects of life I'll keep you informed. They say for a habit to form it needs to be in place for 6 weeks so trial it and if you can't work with it change it up till you get it right soon enough!

First things first I highly recommend sorting through your clothes aside from a KEEP pile here are four other piles you should make

THROW  - These items are completely unwearable stained, ripped, ruined, or really old.  

REPAIR - Tailor mend or repair hemlines zippers button or loose shapes. You can also extend your clothes shelf life by turning old clothes into new like maxi dresses into mini's and short dresses into tunic or shirts. I have a bag of repairs, now to find a good tailor.

SELL - These have value pieces that have never been worn or rarely and still in a saleable condition. Look at options like ebay or my ex wardrobe to sell.

DONATE  - If you have items that don't fall in any of these categories then donate to a worthy cause or a charity of choice.

Once complete it's a matter of working with your space or designing a layout that will work for you and then how you want to store everything, there seems to be unlimited options with everything from ranging from season popularity and colour.

I separated my clothes into categories and stored them according to their individual types ie dresses, pants, shirts etc. I have made sure all the clothes are as visible as possible so all the options are in sight - all drawers and pull out trays have glass panels at the front and the cupboards are doorless. Here is a snippet of the layout : note all cabinetry was purchased from IKEA they have an amazing range of affordable storage pieces for you to play around with.

Coat Hangers - I have done my research about this topic which is debatable to some however I agree with the advice to buy the best hangers  you can afford for sure wire is out of the question for me ( I detest them) but the wooden variety is just too expensive... I went for plastic a really generic kind that I can easily find more of if I need to. They also have grips on the top so the clothes don't slide. These are also good to hang pants through and pieces of clothing only made to be hung by those straps inside the clothing. 

Tops: I have hung all my tops, T-shirts and all!!! They say the more you hang the more space you have. I've also colour co-ordinated them I think this is any easy way to pull together an outfit and see what you have. I had space left so I put my jackets at one end I don't own many so it was the perfect place for them.

My helpful tip if you are co sharing a spare like this : add a completely different coloured coat hanger to that section. I didn't want to commit to another colour so I just added a stripy tape to the top of each coat hanger now I can identify the jackets. This is really simple and you can remove or add to a new one if needed. This could be good solution for people mixing work with daily casual clothes.

Dresses have been organised with hem-length in mind from short to long. I did want to colour co-ordinate but the alternative seemed to make more sense and it fits in with the design of my cupboards. One side sits above the pants rail so it is the perfect place to store shorter dresses, the other is a floor length cupboard with no obstructions and this one houses all the midi and maxi dresses. 

It's an absolute must to fold sweaters these are probably the most delicate clothes you own they loose shape very easily. Since these are bulky they take up a lot of space and I have dedicated a few drawers to them.

I also have my skirts and shorts in separate drawers I find lying them flat works for me and I'm not a fan of those hangers with the bull clips. I have two skirts that are too long that I keep on the pants rail and it seems to work just fine.  

I have three other cage baskets which I would like to change into drawers but in no rush at this stage these hold my swimwear and work out clothing and socks.

My pants rail hangs all my jeans, pants leggings and a few skirts fit perfectly, as mentioned I'm not a fan of the bull clip hanger this is a slide out rail and has room for two pants each rail.

I chose these pull out trays for my shoes they stack neatly have a rail for the heel to rest on and have some depth so you don't have to go trolling to the back of the closet ... you just pull the tray out. I divided  them up with casual and flat shoes on the bottom and heels on the top they fit approx 10 shoes per tray - two rows of 5 across. 


I have two accessories drawers one is a shallow pull out tray with dividers I thought it would be a great way to display big chunky pieces of jewellery, sunglasses, scarfs, and belts this works as you can see everything nothing gets tangled and everything has a place. The other is a drawer it's deeper depth wise and is where I put all my clutches cross-body bags, dust bags, boxes etc I don't own anything oversized so everything fits well and I can stack upwards.


I highly recommend buying one of these scented ovals from Dyptqiue (I got mine for free using Amber points). It's a ceramic oval set with scented wax inside, and a leather cord for hanging. You can hang off coat hangers or alternatively place in your drawers and bury between clothes.... it won't harm the clothing at all only leaving a beautiful clean and fresh scent.  A more cost effective solution spray some cards with your favourite perfume and bury within clothes etc. 

A really good tip to help with a future spring cleaning and trying to part with unworn clothing is this : once you have worn and washed a piece turn the hanger the other way. If after a year there are hangers that have not been turned them it's time to throw it out. 

It feels good to walk into an organised space and since everything has a place there is no reason for it to get out of control again. I'm now going to work on the male side of our wardrobe should be a piece or cake I mean it is significantly smaller too.