I finally have found some time to write life got a bit busy in the lead up to this big trip hence the absence... but here I am writing from afar of which I will catch you up on. Big trip you might ask well School break has commenced and for the kids that means 8 weeks of bliss I don't want to get ahead of ourselves we don't have school kids (until September which is another chapter we're not ready for),  but in reality school kids or not most people flee the UAE and it's 50+ degrees temps for cooler shores.. This year we will make our home in the South of France with a small side of Paris.

So since we are on the road I thought the only way to stay present on the blog was to take you with us. I'm going to check in from time to time and share our travels antics and some photos with you, to give you an insight to summer on the other side of the globe and perhaps entice you to come here one day its truly beautiful. 





I want to tell you that packing for two months is easy ... but it's not!!!  3 days out I thought I was happy I had frugally but not stingyly packed a reasonable amount of luggage... only to panic pack our entire wardrobes a day before so lo and behold we left the house 5 suitcases in tow. The advise I give to myself leave three days earlier. 

On another note we did arrive safe and sound (with all 5 bags) the flight was a breeze but it could be down to three things we had business class, were comfortably dressed in JEANS (a big deal for those who know the staff travel dress code guidelines have changed) and the flight time was 7 hours only half of what we're used when we travel home. So the let adventure begin in the city of lights.... PARIS ...see you next time.