Without a doubt it's a known fact that most of have explored the world over more only to find the place we live in undiscovered. We are guilty of this ourselves and thought to make a list of all things tourist would do and see them for ourselves. So here we are playing tourist in our own backyard. It's actually surprising to do because I have come to realise we haven't done some of the obvious choices- the big attractions.

We embarked one morning on a trip to old Dubai with intentions to visit the souk. A souk for those who don't know is a similar to that of a market - a maze of alleyways selling artisan handmade home wares souvenirs, jewellery, and produce. To get there you must cross the creek on via Abra - a traditional wooden boat both the most efficient and cheapest transport ( 1 Dihram) I've experienced in the UAE. Although the ride was short it was a nice change of pace from the busy city, being November the weather was perfect too. One thing to be mindful it is a very basic transport so sit down and don't rock the boat

What will hit you when you step off your Abra is the scent of the spice market and the vibrance of colour. If it weren't for the hoards of tourists you wouldn't know the souk was there it is a myriad of connected roads and small corridors in which twist and turn and meet up and you'll probably get lost but hey you might accidentally find a bargain too ...... just look for the water for your way out. it is raw and not without a dose of a real glimpse into old life men struggles with bags of goods on their heads and laundry is hung from residential buildings above, simple life above still exists amongst the madness below.  I have to warn you it is much like bali yes there are hagglers yes they are annoying but its all part of the experience. You choose if you want to play the game

Take a fresh coconut or a scoop of camel gelato and take it for what it is enjoying the smells and the sounds. This is definitely the place you want to take visitors to get a glimpse into the arabian culture and leave with some authentic handmade souvenirs.