I could probably call Yas Waterworld my second my home or my home away from home you will find us here at least once every two weeks. We have even been known to day date just the hubby and I while our little girl is at nursery. It helps we live only a mere 10mins away they, sell potato on a stick and shaved ice we have never been unlucky to experience a busy day (of course we pick the right days to go) and most importantly we have annual pass. We could literally go everyday of the year if we wanted to !!!

I have to tell you'd be mad to not buy an annual pass if you don't already have one it's great value. After doing some calculations it seems we have saved over three times the amount we paid for the pass - a mammoth saving and an unbeatable deal. But what I really wanted to inform you is that if you hold an annual pass for the month of November you are able to bring one guest in for free and up to 4 additional people for only 100AED. I've added the offer details below .... what a great way to introduce new friends to the water park or family visiting by saving them more than half the general admission price. I have looked at their website and I must say they have some other good deals it's always worth asking and looking intermittently.