My favourite time of year is not easter or xmas it's when my little girls birthday rolls around and whilst we aren't doing anything major this year it doesn't mean we don't get to reflect any less on that year that was her. I feel like living through the times we forget the amazing memories and i usually take this time to go through the all the photos videos and try and make a tribute to the year that was. It was always takes me to an emotional place and quite quickly all the troubled times and difficult moments are forgotten often replaced with an ear to ear grin a chuckle and of course a few tears ... There is nothing like spending time watching a person evolve and come into themselves ..... our little creation. 

We can say a version of our name, count to 10 (skipping some numbers of course) feed herself and happily totter off to nursery. She travelled many more miles become more a little more cultured and spent many times in the naughty corner but did I mention through it all we had a hooot !! What a year..... you think all the milestones come in the first year but the surprise to me is every year brings a whole lot more, it just keeps getting better!!! 

Jetaime ma petite princesse