So we finally were able to swtich our annual leave around which lets us now take that Hawaiian Vacation we have been talking about. It also crosses another destination off my personal travel bucket list and got me to thinking about sharing with you a post on my travel dreams. I am sure I am not alone in saying that I have a list of destinations I need to see before I leave this great land.

I have been a busy pinner on Pinterest of late so you may have noticed... I'm a visual person so for me this is a great way to get inspired. I have created numerous boards so I won't forget these beauties ... you can see my bucket list in pictures here  MY TRAVEL BUCKET LIST ON PINTEREST 

1. HAWAII - So this one will be crossed off the list this May. I really just wanted to go to wear a lei around my neck ... that's all. No this will be a great holiday with an active child and with a healthy mix of things to do and time to relax.


2. INDIA - I have been talking about visiting this place for a long time now but am finding it hard to find a travel partner. I know the Taj Mahal will always be there so I'm particularly interested to visit at one of the festival times either Holi (the festival of colour) or Divwali (the festival of lights). I would like to go for the same reason many people don't want to go for the bustling streets the noise the dirt and grim isn't this the best way to experience the culture after all???




3. SOUTH AMERICA - This place intrigues me very much however we are too far away to jut spend a week. We are saving this one for a month long where we can take our time and visit many countries within the continent I l want to tango in the streets (or just watch) visit Christ the Redeemer, Iguazu Falls and the Salt Plains of Bolivia. For sure the highlight would be PERU I don't mind a vacation that involves getting physical and Micahu Pichau would be an incredible hike... thats a dream for sure.



4. MALDIVES - Not much of an explanation is necessary right. I could never really do a relaxing holiday but I think I can appreciate them now. I think this place with it's azure waters and blue skies could put you right in the mood. For me probably more of a 4 day getaway than vacation.






5. TURKEY - I have heard mixed reviews about this place however I believe people's opinions differ and want to create my own. As much as I am excited about the capital I am more about exploring other regions would love to visit Galopoil for the Anzac dawn service but even more I would love to see Cappadocia this is a landscape like no other and how amazing would it be to hot air balloon over it.




6. NEPAL Kathmandu - Just like India I feel this would be so completely different and raw. I would also love to see Mount Everest and hike to base camp I am more than happy to admire the rest of the mountain from there. 






7. ICELAND- I think I have just been inspired by pictures of pure whiteness and people bathing in hot springs, it just looks magical and no one could be more surprised than me because I loath the cold. One of my ultimate top things to see attraction wise is the Aurora Borealis I could pair this trip with a sighting that is a good excuse to get really cold.





8. BOAT HOLIDAY - Whether that be aboard a cruise ship I've always been curious to experience this kind of adventure/holiday or renting a sailboat and sailing either the Mediterranean or the Whitsunday's lazy days on deck visiting new bays and enjoying the water. 




9. ENGLAND - I have never really given it a proper chance besides a few shopping trips downtown. Ultimately  a dream of mine is to visit during Wimbledon and eat strawberries and cream.... very specific. I would also like to travel out and visit Bath and Stonehenge.




10. AFRICAN/SOUTH AFRICAN SAFARI it doesn't bother me at this stage which country/city however I would love to see the big 5 ultimately which ever has the best National Park. 

To me sometimes it's not just about the destination but maybe a festival, event or activity that just happens to take place in that country/city. Big cities are great but a lot of undiscovered places can be real gems too.

My dream list may only be 10 long on paper now but it is never ending in my head lucky for us we have the opportunity to explore this great world and a bit of time to do it too.

As well as my bucket list I do have 5 destinations I will return to time and time again and they may seem cliche but there is a good reason they top most people's list. food, history, shopping, beautiful languages and more.... see them on my Pinterest.... now will I be lucky to visit one of them this year hmmmm

1. Italy

2. Paris

3. New York 

4. Greek Islands

5. Barcelona