Lets talk cupcakes... I am well aware that they are on the way out and Cronuts are on the way in but I have a feeling I will be forever a fan!! So I was over the moon when my favourite cupcake shop The Magnolia Bakery opened in Abu Dhabi Sowwah Square (Al Marayah Island). Let me educate you for those not in the know The Magnolia Bakery appears in an episode of Sex and the City and we all know Carrie knows a good thing when she sees it. Since opening in 1996 most of its fame has come from the tv show and now it features as a pit stop when you take the Sex and the City tour .... that's when it has my attention. 

When we ventured into the bakery we were even luckier than you can imagine it was opening day, I am more than prepared to spend a small fortune on these cupcakes but we were able to sample a selection of yummy goodies for free. I had a few favourites and these are a must if you go (of course these are my tastebuds talking) Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, Vanilla with Vanilla Frosting Cupcake (sometimes you just don't mess with an original) and the banana pudding....Enough said!!!

Since I am a veteran I also have to recommend the cookbook I bought it a while back and have been randomly making recipes, seriously when a recipe tastes just like the shop that made it you know your onto a good thing. The cookies are to die for.....But I will never try to make the cupcakes at home there would be no reason to visit and I love the old school charm of this shop. Go visit try and see for yourself I'm sure you'll bump into me there.