I couldn't wait to share with you what new clever kids concept I have just come across and have tried out... It's called the Happy Box and it definitely gets a smile in our household. In a nutshell you purchase a box that arrives on your doorstep personalised and filled with surprise activities that are both educational and fun for you and your child. Usually the boxes take on a theme whether that be a celebrating a season or special event occurring during the month. Boxes are put together with appropriate activities for the Childs age and skill level and this ranges from 2-11 year olds. 

Although we have a 2 year old that needs lots of guidance and supervision we still get joy out of opening the box choosing an activity and following it through, It's a great opportunity to spend time teaching your kids new skills and seeing their creativity shine through on some occasions I myself got a little carried away but that is the magic that is the happy.

To sign up subscribe or find out more information visit this link here THE HAPPY BOX

This month we received the sweetheart themed box being February and valentines how appropriate. The box, as all do contained  8 activities all individually sealed, complete with all accessories and utensils required (even scissors) a small description of the craft and clearly laid out instructions. This month we were also treated with some conversation heart lollies, a mini art set and a be mine valentine book. Little be known to the company but the box and balloons are a highly fun activity in themselves we have had much joy with both of them. 

I have rationed two activities to a week so we are halfway through and so far we have learnt how to lace wool through a heart shaped board, completed some water colour artwork with different techniques and made our very own heart crayons and cherry smelling play dough. There is diversity between the activities which is very refreshing and some interesting and innovative ideas. For sure this is something we will be subscribing to in the future. 

The Happy Box also has some other interesting products they do favours for birthday parties and travel boxes we opted for the travel box as this is a big part of our lives and I can't wait to crack this one open on a long flight. It comes personalised in a mini suitcase with more than enough activities to keep your child entertained I would think. Here's a sneak peak below of whats inside:

Inside content of the Travel Box include :

  • Mini Whiteboard with markers and Erasers
  • Make your own kaleidoscope
  • DIY foam Airplane 
  • Lacing boards 
  • Colouring book 
  • Card games 
  • Washable colouring book with markers 
  • DIY Purse 
  • Mini Passport with activities 
  • Wipes 
  • Airplane Eraser 
  • Fruit Treats