A lot of people ask me or comment on the photos we take in a really positive way. I am an amateur for sure but I truly believe it comes down to 2 things the right equipment and a lot of practise. We have variety of lenses that all give a very different perspective, so now I just need to work on my skills. I recently bought a book of tutorials so I thought I take you with me once a month and show you the results and hopefully we both learn something together.

This months task was to choose a subject taking the approach that comes most natural to you, it also encourages you to have fun be mindful of including your surroundings and to be open and experimental with the space in a way that you enjoy. We are truly spoilt for choice in Abu Dhabi there are so many interesting subjects to choose from. The Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque is one of my favourites so it was a no brainer Another aim was to have a certain numbers of pictures as a target you must try to improve the photos as you take them instead of just taking a bunch and hoping one would turn out ok.  This was actually a really good idea I will continue to use, I found the more I concentrated on improving the shot the less time it took for me to be happy with my photos.

For now here are the best of my photos the whole idea this month is to provide a benchmark. After the book of tutorials is complete I will go back to this subject and see how my point of view has changed my skills improved. I can't wait for the comparisons. Enjoy!!!