We enjoyed a bit of a Dubai staycation last week and as always with a child your up at the crack dawn with nothing open and little to do so we opted for breakfast. I had heard about this unique place called The Farm. Since we had a car and time we went for it ....we went to The Farm.

LOCATION: The Farm at Al Barari is only 15 minutes out of the city yet feels like the middle of nowhere it's like entering an oasis, it's secluded peaceful tranquil and very nature driven hence the name of course. 

THE DIGS: In keeping with technology guests menu are presented in the form of an ipad- or could this also be a nod to being green. The al fresco dining area itself is suspended upon a lake with 360 botanical views. There are various nooks and crannies it feels like a great place to read a book alone with nature or enjoy a family barnyard style long lunch. With options for both outdoor and indoor dinning. One thing for sure it's a place you don't feel the need to be rushed, It's lush, green, understated but cool. Be sure to book it can tend to be popular especially over the weekends.

THE FOOD: It seemed to be waffle day for the family with both of us opting for this choice we took one traditional complete with pancake syrup chocolate sauce and berry compote and one pistachio treat with raspberry cream cheese.. the portion sizes were mammoth it could easily have been a shared plate. The fruit however was dainty and too delicious too eat but we did with delight nothing beats good quality fruit. We washed all down with a freshly squeezed juice and a smoothie all this sitting well on the hips. The menu speaks more diversity than our options and I have to say I would love to come back and delve into some of the mains and dessert .. surprisingly they take a liking to asian food with a whole section dedicated to Thai dishes. Good points to note they really try to source and use the best quality local produce from farms they can find here in the UAE - that would seem a challenge to me but maybe I'm naive. There is an onsite bakery whipping up fresh breads and they are also considerate to provide gluten free options to those who need it. Bills can be heavy on the wallet but this is a one of a kind experience.

For me I enjoyed the surroundings more than the waffles but that won't stop me coming back. It a beautiful one of a kind place.