So we met last week after being on the waiting list for what seemed like eternity and it was love at first sight. Sorry how rude I haven't introduced you to my friend... my lover. If you aren't aware the trendy cupcake has been overshadowed by new 'sweet treat' of the moment ... The Cronut and it's causing a frenzy in New York with people queuing from a reported 4am to catch the cronut craze. The cronut is a cross breed you guessed it, it's half croissant half donut . 

I had heard and seen this all go down on Instagram and put it on my next New York to do list.... yep I buy into these fad food trends. So you can imagine my surprise when I found bakery BUTTER in Dubai actually makes them. I didn't really have an expectation and I was wasn't really prepared but when I took my first bite it tasted the way should... it's make up - layers of flaky pastry shaped like a donut with a cakey/pastry dough filled slightly with cream dipped in cinnamon, sugar and topped with a swirl of icing. Believe me it's as much a mouthful to say as it is to eat. It's a must !!

Butter Dubai has 4 flavours to choose from Vanilla (my fav), Rose, Saffron and Marshmallow 

I am sure these would go down a treat this valentines day !!! Good luck getting your hands on them.

Call BUTTER on 042038513 9am-5pm (except Fridays)

I have to also give another product a mention.... along with tthe cronuts I ordered the Nutella Sea Salt Cookies wow this is an amazing cookie make sure you a order side of these as well ... I mean really DO IT