They call it the happiest 5k on the planet and there is no denying it ..... it is that and a whole lot more!! This is not the kind of run you train for it is the kind that you run 200meters at the most.... 100m out of the start sign and the last 100 metres on the home stretch the rest is just a fun walk with friends and people alike laughing and smiling and in good spirits all with a love of color.

The race had 4 color stations which volunteers throw this cornstarch powder on you as you pass or in many people's cases you basically stand there waiting to be doused in the stuff... I mean the aim is to come out as colorful as you can, no one wants to look squeaky clean. One word of advice from my personal experience when you pass these stations be sure to close your mouth my mouth was open in awe and I coped a mouthful and it didn't taste good. 

My favourite part though was the after party each person was given a packet of powder on completion of the run and after a countdown we threw it in the air amongst pumping beats it was a very cool welcoming parade. And the colours looked pretty cool in the air against each other. This was a really well organised event and all in all an amazing morning one could excuse the early alarm for this amount of fun and thats what we need to mix more of in life fitness, fun and all for a good cause too ... sign me up for next year.