If there is one standout memory from my youth on Evergreen Avenue that I remember it's that treehouse in our neighbours place. We loved it we'd clear the fence jump on their trampoline and climb up the treehouse oh the things we did in there mostly eat junk food with money we'd earned ourselves from a homemade soap business that in itself is another funny story. But it got me to thinking about what to get our little girls whose birthday's in November. Her birthday is not exactly around the corner but I thought this could be something special we could make and decorate together (the husband will make it and me decorate) we are not going for anything spectacular at all just a basic structure a roof a deck and maybe a slide. Lucky for us we have a really big backyard with more than enough space for it. 

Of course I went straight to Pinterest for ideas and was bombarded with some pretty impressive ones that had me wondering if they were actually real life houses or playhouses for kids. I have my eye of one of the pictures that seems to fit the brief. Which do you think it is???