Here are two new websites I have been into this month and I have to tell you about ....I love them both so much they are my new go to. The first is Style Runner click HERE for the link .... I just stumbled across this Aussie online shop for very trendy fitness wear on Instagram and it has inspired me to get back into Yoga ... which I will do next month. I think some cool new gear can make you motivated to get back into fitness and you can find a whole range of sportswear for all activities here... so bring the fun back!!!

Thought I'd share with you my picks from the website 

Secondly is The Vault Magazine find the link HERE or click on the pictures below. It is just like an online magazine more of a fashion base keeping you updated on latest trends, pieces available now, style on the streets and cheap thrills. The Vault also dips into health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Updated with new articles regularly it's definitely a spot I like to check into frequently.



  • I love Ellen and I'm sure women all round will love this YOU TUBE Video.... See link HERE
  •  While I don't condone what these guys do I couldn't stop watching their stupidity .... See link HERE
  • If your into Emojiis you have to check out this Beyonce Drunk in Love clip .....See link HERE
  • 28 of Lady Gaga's most crazy moments she has well beyond 28 it's but a good start ... See link HERE
  • Some of the world's most haunting yet beautiful places ... See link HERE



  • Home Office Makeover & Wardrobe overhaul
  • Paddle boarding & Boating - with the warmer weather approaching
  • Some Easter fun
  • Catching up with old friends.... if the schedules work 
  • Taking up Yoga 

Will keep you posted on all the above!!!