So there are two parts to packing a suitcase one is organising what to pack and the other is the actual pack I don't do the first very well at all, I am female after all and yes I believe my entire wardrobe belongs in that suitcase. On the other hand I don't mind trying to cram it all the in suitcase it's like a challenge. I have a few little tips that I stick to when packing I like to think that my love of Tetris (by the way I am good at it ) has shaped the way I pack a bag. These are methods that work for me.

I always take a pair of sneakers with me you never know what you may get up to and they are great for storing many things from cords and adaptors to socks and jewellery. Fill them all the way to the toe where they remain safe and protected within the barrier of the shoe. I normally then pack them just like when you buy them top to tail and then wrap a belt around them.. makes it easier to find that belt that you sometimes loose at the bottom of the bag. (You could even try it with scarves).

I never take bulky toiletries with me I figure you can buy them when you arrive and leave whats left so you don't have to carry them in your bag. Of course there are some items a girl can't go without.

Spillage in my bag has happened one too many times so I find placing cling wrap over the opening and then screwing on the lid works well... and just because I've experienced this one too many times I place it in a plastic bag. That's double protection and touch wood I've never had a spill. 

I can't even remember how many times I have heard myself say I'm not buying anything I don't want to take excess home and it happens. So a mandatory item in my bag is this duffle. It's a must buy the bag itself fits into a smaller bag that lays flat and takes almost no space at all, but expands a decent size for those last minute buys. 

I am a roller you either are or you aren't and if you don't know about it you should try it, it saves SOOOO much space. It quite simple nothing to it really just roll you clothes from one end to the other. The tighter you roll the more space you save. For jeans and most clothing this is a great way to avoid creases, wrinkles and fold lines there are  some fabric however that can become the victim (oh well that can be solved).

So once all clothes are rolled I lay them following the outline of the bag this keeps the shape of the bag and creates more space, leaving the middle empty. I fill the middle with bulkier things like make up bags camera lenses and toiletries etc. I keep placing the rolled items on top and around until I have filled the suitcase or run out of clothes. I usually have a piece of clothing like a jacket or something a little precious that I save it for the top and lie it flat if it is really special I will put tissue paper or a pillow bag over the top to protect it. 

Voilla thats it !!! 

I find a business card works well for labelling your luggage this way if contact details change etc you can just slip the new one in.

And did you know there is no reason to carry a bulky speaker with you just place your smart phone in a mug to amplify the sound - thats a new one for me. :) 

I'll be travelling again in a few months and have some more tips for a smaller trip hope you CHECK-IN with me again lol (such a dad joke that was)