Just a bit of a style post and a quick entry to speak for up my absence. If you didn't already know I am on vacation in Brisbane ... my hometown hence the twirling in fringe up and down Santa Cruz Street. Hitting home turf has set the wind up my sails and put a pretty big grin on this face. I'm planning to take advantage of all my favourite foods and routines outstay my welcome with family and come back mid December with a fresh and new attitude!!! Does holidays do that to you???.  I have had a little blog break but will be back in December with Xmas overload.

Here I am prior a lunch date in a beautiful feminine floral floaty fringe dress by Aussie Label Talulah. This piece is still available check them out I have had my eye on them and they have some interesting pieces and swimwear they are definitely on my radar. Thats another good excuse to be home to hit the shops.... I love and resonate with our fashion despite having a lot of exposure to other brands. This is a great little fresh cocktail number with a soft statement, once again can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and with a replacement of the right footwear.