We have lived in our villa for almost 2 and a half years now and have really neglected our home office area so much we have renamed it the local dump. There has been an all talk no action attitude in this household until now. I namely have The Block to thank for the kick up the butt. I love this show I mean I'm obsessed  ... I don't know what I'll do when it's over... Are you watching it too??? ....We really want to make our office functional with lots of storage space for paperwork and craft supplies as well as a small desk for the MAC. We are working with a small space but we have the furniture storage and layout done, it's now time to dress the room .... my favourite part.

As with anything I head to Pinterest for inspiration and on occasions like this I suggest creating a mood board. It lets you visualise how things go together and what your looking for which keeps you on track. Ideally I would love all these pieces in the space and I am getting quite close to finding almost all of them, thanks to the internet. I'm not sure what my style could be called but I really love mixing the clean white with timber for warmth and a pop of colour for character. I am also not afraid to add a little vintage like these marquee lights but they tie in well with the room being media related. The art pieces are a mix, I am in love with the Megan Weston colour piece, the calligraphy font on the Jasmine Dowling and the Prada Marfa is a little gossip girl inspired if you can remember. The Moroccan Pouf is a little nod to the middle east here and is also a piece I have been wanting to incorporate for a while. I have provided a link for each piece if you'd like to shop my mood board. Just click on a photo you'll be redirected to the website.

So I'll keep you posted on the outcome perhaps a little before and after post once it's all done and we are happy. In the meantime I have to share with you some pretty awesome office cubicle spaces I found whilst on my research.... How incredible are they ??