So a continual question I get asked a lot is can you speak french or more so how's your french going ?? Sheepishly my answer is no. Wait if you call toddler flash cards conversational then yes that is the answer. Oh oh and don't let me forget je n pas le tomato


I understand a far lot more than I can speak I can even read childrens books pronouncitation and comphrension are two very idferent things especially with an aussie accent

On one account 

For those that don't know I married at quebecoise whose first language is french and whose wnglish grammar could possibly be better than mine, it obviously an enormous advantage to have an extra skill in life and I gotta say I'd love to be one of those people whose secret little skill was to speak it. You know when someone says whats one thing someone might not know about you thats wha tI'd like it to be casue really I got nothing else that remotely intersting besides bringing up the corners of my mouth or being able to walk the dog yoy yo stlye.

I have unsuccessfully tried a few times as you might know the masculine feminine and the sight beschelle could put any one off 

So and I know the perennial finally at last no way comments will probably start no way followed by the next time I see you ... How's your french going?? for real Ihope the answer is different to the one you've heard the last couple of years 

So I think it is about time I beat him at his own game.