Happy Fathers Day !! If you know me I'm sort of last minute ... but for a change I was actually prepared and organised just in time for fathers day. It crept up on me and wrapping my head around the Canadian day being June and not September like I'm used to hasn't helped, but I'm really happy to share something a bit special you too can create and gift for you loved one or even yourself. 

Smallprint Jewellery in a nutshell takes your child's hand foot and fingerprint or even their handwriting or a piece of their artwork and turns it into beautiful bespoke jewellery and a keepsake thats will last forever. The option to create something special is not limited to children and neither are the options of jewellery they cover anything from cufflinks to necklaces, charms for your pandora to key rings and more. Caorol-Anne is the creator behind Smallprint in Abu Dhabi and a really lovely woman who runs the company and makes the pieces in her workshop located in her villa. The process is really simple and she is extremely accommodating. For those of you not based here the company is international if you visit this page you'll find it in almost every country  click here to learn more


We choose some cufflinks using her handprints and engraved both her birth date and her initials on the back and we could not be happier with the results. This is a great gift I can see my husband using on special days that we celebrate her and I'm sure he will cherish them when not in use in his top draw as a good keepsake to remember his 'little' girl. It not often you can gift something this special to anyone.