I think for sure nothing is as classy as a french manicure I love nothing better, it's so fresh clean and sophisticated. I am also a red nail lover it is my go to colour on any visit to the salon.... I thought I'd combine these two loves this month and here is the result. It's my modern twist on the French manicure.

It's like a quick fingertip dip in red paint!! It is a subtle look and I think it would look great in a number of colours in particular navy or black. My colours were : STARLET & JE T'AIME

The girls are great at NSTYLE they have to deal with me. I am probably the worst customer, I always change my mind on the colour, can never make a decision, walk in with a weird request, and smudge my nails on the way out, but nothing seems to faze them they are always willing and eager to participate and ready to repaint. You really have to check them out ! Stay tuned for next month!!!