A roller coaster restaurant  .... a crazy concept right?? but one that exists and only in the UAE, this kinda thing is no stranger to us, come on we have ski fields in malls. Well I am a sucker for something a bit kitsch so went to try it out. In my mind the idea of food and roller coasters don't seem to mix especially in that order but the concept here is that your food and drinks arrive via the roller coaster ... if your disappointed to hear that you can always walk next door to Ferrari World.

You are seated at your table by the staff with an allocated number and some very cool retro coloured glassware. Here is another kitsch idea that will send techies reeling you get to order from an ipad - seems fairly straight forward if you know your way around one, staff hover around for those not too familiar. I still would have preferred my cardboard menu but that could be me holding onto my generation. The menu is international covering a range of cuisines burgers, pastas, pizzas and comfort food all similar to what you would find in a dinner. After ordering here is where the fun begins you'll here the sounds and as soon as you do look up and try to find where you food is coming from - above your head  is a whole network of twisted steel with spirals twists and turns. The food and drink will arrive on your table with your allocated number all harnessed better than some peoples children in cars around here. All condiments you will need are at the table so there is no need to wait and is available for all at the table on a lazy susan.

For sure this is more about the experience than the food but don't get me wrong the food is perfectly fine and tasty enough. I recommend you go when the restaurant is busy so you get more of the action and at the moment being recently open it almost always is. The kids will love the concept as do the parents with the anticipation of your food arriving and it is quite efficient. If you want the full experience consider ordering multiple sharing plates or a three course meal and be prepared to leave with a sore neck from all the looking up, This could be a cool group outing for a special occasion be sure to take you out of towners.

Rojos Yas Mall 

  • 2 Adult 1 Child 
  • 1 x Starter
  • 3 x Mains 
  • 1  x Dessert 
  • 3 x Drinks
  • Total Bill  210DHS