I have an obsession with RIPE fresh markets I have been twice in the last two weeks. That should come as no surprise since I love nothing more than trawling a market with homemade lemonade, a belly full of street food on the kitsch lookout for something new and crafty. 

You might be aware that RIPE is the organic distributor of farm foods in UAE, but if your not then you should check them out not only do they appear at the markets but you can pick up or have a box delivered to you. I definitely recommend stocking up as the quality is unrivalled, it has become a weekly staple for us with the best avocados tomatoes and clementines in town. I even bought a superfood - KALE turned them into chips it was delicious. See recipe HERE

So back to the markets there are two locations we've visited: The St Regis hotel on Saadiyat Island hosts RIPE along with other vendors and its the perfect setting for it, although not comparable in size to the Dubai location it is a new comer and has the potential to expand. Being new it is a manageable crowd with room to breath and  because of it's location you can indulge in a nice breakky whilst overlooking the market.

Dubai's take on the market is bigger and better as they are known for everything but they have been around longer so kudos. Located in Zabeel Park it's definitely worth spending the day and criminal not too when it takes you that long to find a park. It is well planned with the RIPE fresh stand front and centre, a lane of craft markets with everything from handmade soaps, turkish towels, sunglasses, art & jewellery, a lane showcasing new trendy health foods and an aisle for good ol tucker. There is entertainment, plenty of space to stretch out on the grass and a lot for children to be entertained with. The only downside since this is the 'new' hotspot it would seem everyone in Dubai is here so timing is key.

RIPE is onto something a cheeky market purchase doesn't feel so bad when you have a box full of greens.

  • Abu Dhabi - St Regis The Collection  Every Saturday 10am-2pm
  • Dubai -  Zabeel Park Gate 1 Every Friday 9am-2pm Entrance Fee 5DHS 

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