I think we are all guilty of travellng to faraway places to see and experiences things we can quite often find in our own backyard. I have come around to the idea of playing tourist in our own city and I'm going to share these outings with you in many posts to come, hopefully it serves as an inspiration when your stuck in that "nothing to do" rut. 

On this occassion we headed to our cliched backyard .... the desert  to play around with some quads watch the sunset and take in a small BBQ by nightfall. The location - the middle of nowhere 45minutes from our house but if your familiar with Carols in the desert then this is the spot. 

I let the inner tomboy in me out and might I add boys toys are quite fun. I was a bit hesitant to try the quads after a not so successful scooter attempt in Italy, but the bikes are alot easier to handle and an extra 2 wheels on the ground makes a difference. Let me be honest I did get stuck or bogged in sand twice but all in all it was a great experience and with more confidence I'll be riding the lips of the dunes.

This was a day we'll repeat for sure, and if this is not your thing I am sure you can appreciate a good sunset there is something magical about this time of day in the desert and the way the light hits the ripples in the sand and the lips of the dunes.... it's truly beautiful

I have included the company details below of the quads we hired:


Tel: 02 5548440  Email :

We paid approx 800DHS for 2 adult and 1 childrens quad

Their location is in the Mussafah Region call for store location and directions.