So I'm finally catching you up to where we currently are now our base for the rest of the trip Uzes.... in the south of France, the pace definitely slowed down a few sicknesses caught up with us and the sun came out in full force so we managed to strip down to bathing suits.

Ice Cream is on tap- what is it about holidays that makes Ice cream as mandatory as brushing our teeth. Pain Au Chocolat, croissants and baguettes with butter are also staples its really simple food made well, I cannot get enough of the rockmelon having such bad quality in Abu Dhabi makes this a real treat.

I have my own little zippy car which seems both terrifying at first and now liberating I also have full insurance now that is just plain common sense and if you saw how narrow the roads are you'd understand. I have found Uzes to be a great central location to a few interesting places to explore and I'll be sharing some those fun trips with you. Watch out for my next post from our trip trip to the lavender fields.

The girls have deep golden tans and fresh highlights courtesy of the European sun and days spent in the pool they are mesmerised by their older cousins playing their shadow on every occasion. These same cousins 6,7 & 8 years old are correcting my french or giggling at my lack of french but they are really great to practise with and I get a real kick out of myself when we can converse.