I would say my blog is very image driven with a lot of how to's where to's and what to do's and  although thats what I like I have thought to incorporate a little more of my personal self to make me seem a little more real either that or like a nutcase of course you know what I am up to and where I've been on holidays but do you know whats been on my mind of late..... well let me tell you .....

I am really excited to be expanding our family I think 4 will be the perfect balanced number for this household ,although  in my husbands book how does 3 females to 1 male speak equality. Me and my body can't wait for the new arrival but for some reason I find myself in moments where I feel like the apocalypse (end of the world) is coming it seems I have made a mental before baby bucket list of the things I want to do before the baby comes and I  can't do them for another two years. Did this happen to anyone else?. It seems I have an insatiable desire for adventure which is ridiculous because  half of these activities would actually be more suited to a women whose not pregnant. This is a top 4 of which I will share with but there are other ideas floating up there in lala land where obviously irrational thoughts exist.

Kayaking at the Eastern Mangroves - I have been really thinking about this one for a while it has been on my mind. Although after mentioning it to my husband it seems he is not blind to my devious plan - He knows I need him not for the experience which I was trying to pitch to him but to paddle - I don't have a good history of pulling my own weight on a kayak and if there is anyone that remembers it, it's him

Girls High Tea @ Emirates Palace - This is very plausible. I had a lovely baby shower for my first but I would love to second time round just have a group of girls together to spend an afternoon getting dressed up and enjoying some girl talk with high tea... oh we could also head across the road to rays bar for a few cocktails yes cocktails are plausible because I'll have a virgin but watching the sunset and the view from up there could cap of my last hurrah for while.

The Colour Run - 10km walk run whatever you call it it's still 10KM I know we did it last year but this year it's different they throw glitter instead of coloured powder seems I have a FOMO (fear of missing out) on this new concept. I actually struggled a little with the walk last year it was hot and we had a baby in a stroller what on earth makes me think adding a bump into the equation will prove any easier. Maybe I'll join you in the glitter after party.

Paint ball - I have been waiting to do this my whole life and then as the gods would have it Yas Mall only seven minutes away from our house have just opened the most awesome setup for a game you have to check it out. Of course this one is not plausible at all  there is no way they'd let me in the door but maybe I could try and wear a really big moo moo and claim to obese .... hmmm perhaps baby number two wouldn't enjoy being shot at.

Really it's not a big deal but I have to laugh at myself for even thinking about cramming in such senseless stuff that will still be around long after baby. I put it down to experience and knowing just how much couch time I'll be doing very soon or even that might be luxury it seems a rational thought just hit me that my behind wont even graze the couch with a 2 year old toddler running circles around me. Maybe I should add banking up quality behind couch time to the list.

Either way be on the lookout for a blog post in the next two years hopefully showcasing some of these activities and proof that they finally came to fruition and if they come earlier then you know my quarter year before baby bucket list crisis got the better of me.