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I write with jet lag but that's perfectly fine because I get to reminisce on the past month that was our vacation. This year I decided put the good camera away, step away from the lens and enjoy vacation through my own eyes and an iphone of course. ... it seems technology can't escape me. Sadly I have left a wonderful month and my dear country behind but not the memories. Thought I'd share them with you there was a first my first night away from my daughter in capable hands and not missing me a bit, We got cultured at the museum and the performing arts centre, caught up with friends on a quick Sydney getaway, got covered in spots and fed skippy watched countless storms sweltered in the heat and smelt the rain (in a water deprived country thats a big thing) We tippled in some shopping and indulged down to the last minute on every last morsel of my fav foods, but most of all just sat back and watched the joy of family spending time together. Gday didn't quite make it to our vocabulary but we have a very Aussie BYE.