Believe it or not there is much more to Hawaii then palm trees and waves (even though these are the two things I first saw out the window on approach.... so cliche) and at zero dark thirty (330am) with severe jetlag Maui proved just that. It is from Haleakala that we send postcards - a volcano that stands 10,000ft and forms 3/4 quarters of the island of Maui with it's name meaning 'house of sun' and rightly so. 

I can't say I've seen many sunrises with my only memories being the summit of Kilimanjaro and maybe in my early 20's through not so sober eyes ekk! Like Kili this was something special. I advise anyone visiting Maui to avoid beating jet lag for a day to reach the summit of this volcano it is something to remember, although I'm sure it would be spectacular at sunset too. Do take in mind though the summit does hit freezing level before sunrise so rug up even though I know that won't agree with the season of your suitcase packing.