There is actually an incredible piece of Roman history still standing only 20mins away from us, called Pont Du Guard. It is an Aquaduct built in the 1st century  as a means to carry water between neighbouring cities.and it is the perfect backdrop for a summers day. We have actually been there twice already and I see a 3rd or 4th time coming in the next couple of weeks. There are many things that have impressed us obviously the sheer size and the architecture, the museum which is really informative and interactive a must see and the way they have preserved the surrounding grounds. The park is like a summer wonderland there is an opportunity to kayak down the river or splash around on the small beach, picnic in private cabanas and a small trail to cycle & hike all whilst enjoying the Mediterranean landscape and this big monument which is still standing to remind us maybe of our predecessors intelligence while they were using limited resources to build incredibly genius things our forward way of thinking is self flushing toilets and snapchat... not that I don't mind either of them