So I know it's technically winter here and the go to winter hue of black was almost in my hand until the pastels start calling my name. If you know me then you know at times I can be a little indecisive... I guess on this occassion it kinda worked in my favour after testing them all on individually I decided they actually work well together.

There is no fancy technique this time just a regular manicure however sometimes the right colour/s can elevate a look. I plan to now be a bit more adventurous like this in the future, 

As you have heard before the salon is my ol faithful NSTYLE this branch located in Al Zeina. I really like their colour selection and friendly staff, I am never disappointed .... I like to think this match was meant to be NSTYLE - Naomi STYLE. Oppps guilty again 

For colour names see the last image of the gallery