I have a bit of a reputation for being able to sniff out a good burger joint and in saying that my nose will not disappoint you with this find. However this one comes with a twist you need a key to enter. Yes you heard me no key no food. What once was a pop up park restaurant sending locals searching the city for keys to enter  has since moved holding down permanent residence in  Dubai Mall and like before the hunt for keys is still on .... and I know how you can find one

Oh and if reputation is anything to go by this is the sister restaurant to the food truck salt  so Run don't walk!.





Simple find the key and once you do it will unlock your access to the restaurant. The key can be used to bring in as many guests provided your with them and for an infinite number of times .

So how do you find the key ... Mr Parkers seems to be a fan of social media at the moment, you can access where the keys are hidden via SNAPCHAT  under the user name : by parkers

Generally a guy in a marked BYPARKERS shirt is walking around the dubai mall hiding with the keys, you follow the clues on snapchat to find him or where he has hidden the keys, tap him on the shoulder and claim your prize..







Out of the food we ordered nothing fell flat in fact we were left wanting to eat more but obviously too full. The menu boats a range of food from pasta & fries ( I love that fries has it's own category) to sliders and salads dare I even mention the very wicked deserts.  I think in my opinion what makes this food so tasty is the sauce whether it be slapped on the burger or a dipping side sauce its zesty  packs punch and oh so yummy. 

Our favourites were the : Pretzel Chicken Strips, Chicken and potato sticks burger, Street fries and the Lotus Drama.

Just a suggestion go with a big group of friends order everything nibble on a bit of everything make room for dessert and roll home happy!!







Needs no introduction

but it's a  must, If there is only one thing you need to eat on the menu it's this ....its a cake  with caramel sauce toffee chips topped off with a soft serve  more caramel sauce and lotus crumbs... it's everything