En route to Canada we decided to take an overnight stay in Paris we'd be lying to say it was due to a mis connect in our flights in reality we were both secretly smitten about the idea of spending a day in a city we both love. We sure took advantage of our time leaving at 930am and arriving back 12 hours later I think we could have stayed all night if the little miss didn't need to get to bed.

We had a plan which helped and the marvellous thing about Paris, although we have been many times it never gets old. We planned to just walk through the city passing by it's iconic buildings stopping for a Jardin Picnic a spot of shopping and a old favourite - dinner on the Champs Elysee... it was just perfect but  it left me begging for just one more day!!

On other occasions I have visited the Eiffel tower, lunched underneath it or gone to the top this was the first time viewing from it from Trocadero and if there is one piece of advise I give it's to visit the tower this way -take some photos take a rest and an ice cream and people watch .... I cannot believe I captured this clown in front of the tower it was the perfect shot.

Enjoy the photos and yes I am still begging just one more day !!!!


1. Effiel Tower, 2. Jardin Tuileries, 3-4. Arc De Triomphe, 5 Le Marais Cafe, 6-8. Jardin Tuileries, 9. Laduree Macaroons, 10. Lourve, 11-12. River Seine, 13. Jardin Tuileries, 14-15. Entrecote Cafe De Paris, 16. Souvernoir Effiel Tower 17. Effiel Tower, 18. Champs Elysee Alleyway, 19. Art, 20. Bicycles, 21-22, Love Locked Pont Neuf, 23-24. The Lourve