This was one of my favourite days it started out with the most important meal of the day BREAKFAST at Laduree we all indulged in some Pain Perdu a fancy name for french toast or (heaven on a plate) with chantilly whipped cream oh lalala. I have to laugh the place was so small for the four of us, we ate on a table the size of half a school desk and and were surrounded by china and glass. I wouldn't call our family particularly careful despite the food being amazing we scooted out of theRE fearing we'd break something lets face it an almost four year old a 14month and a pretty clumsy 35 year old weren't the best fit for this place. While we came for breakfast we also left with macaroons a whole box of pastel perfection to be devoured later.





Apres breakfast I actually managed to find Jardin Palais Royal a little gem of a place tucked away behind the Lourve a place none of us had seen on our countless visits. It really kept us entertained for hours. At one time it was a Royal Palace now a great place little spot to visit, the courtyard houses an Art Installation called Colonnes De Buren where candystriped like pillars are set in a grid like pattern whoever thought monochrome pillars could be this fun. The girls danced, climbed, hid, twirled, spun and watched scooters dodge around what looked like a chess board. The gardens and courtyard opposite were very sweet and pretty and felt incredibly peaceful for being in the city

We finished up the day with a side of gluttony crepes for lunch Italian for dinner and some macaroon taste testing. It's called gastronomy education.. right!!!