The month of May definitely stems from the word MAY-hem we have birthdays all over the shop I'm not joking when I say not a day in may goes by that it's not someones birthday I know. But this year we celebrate a special little one quite literally as of 2 days ago we have a one year old ....!!. Already I know. I really feel like I blinked and missed the past year so cliched but so true.  And while we celebrated her day I feel she has truly been the gift to our family like the sun she is radiant happy and exudes warmth..... our own little sunshine



We celebrated at home for a few sun kissed afternoon hours  with close friends family and a lot of pastels Of course a Magnolia Bakery ombre cake was present deli spreads an early pizza delivery and unicorn balloons. I probably spent the most effort on the party accessories if you no me its a no brainer I found a great little company called MERI MERI online fyi they have great original party themes and centrepieces too, it could have gone south pretty quickly but I kept it simple... very un-Naomi




One year olds are hard to buy for in fact they are well known for playing more with the wrapping paper or the box the actual gift came in... Instead I bought a few  sentimental keepsakes for Chloe that I hope she can enjoy in decades to come ... I guess you could say we kick started her own personal time capsule. 



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