VLOG # 1

Ok so I'm dipping my brush into the vlogging pot. what is that ??? you may ask ......really its just the video form of a blog or a video in a blog post. My first vlog is just a humble week in April from one Sunday to the next it's really the highlights and the mundane all mixed together or like a budget Keeping up with the Kardashians sans contour artist and devoid of any drama whatsoever. You can however call me out for a filter and a love of Drake. I had the idea after playing around with home videos on imovie and yes I think I'm the next big director editor now . I could easily have spent more time perfecting this but I thought I'd just get it out there and perfect the art in the vlogs to come. If you can see through the corny sense of humour I do hope you enjoy if you don't you know where to find Kim and her family theres no end in sight of them. 

Here goes nothing well it is somegthing: