With work demanding my husband take time off and limited options between the cold of Europe and some ghastly flight time of 14hours we found an alternative and wound up in paradise not a bad gamble I say especially when paradise is only 3.5 hours away.  The Maldives has definitely been on the bucket list for quite sometime and was reserved for a bit of a couple retreat but ended up being a welcomed family vacation, and whilst one does not think this is a child friendly destination when you do the research and find the right place it can be somewhat of a perfect fit.

It really is as blue and as breath taking as the photos  but it's not a place that will  let you feel blue ..... of course when you leave thats a different story. So instead of babbling on I'll just give a shot out to The Holiday Inn Kandooma Island for letting us shack up in one of their beach houses and I'll let you enjoy the clean lines and the famous mesmirising colours  that we have come to expect from the Maldives