This week we had a little mini me moment at the zoo in stripes and fedoras (it seems we were competing with the zebras)  it was an honest coincidence that was pointed out to us and I'm glad we had the camera to document it . Has anyone else had a matchy mama moment ?? It is since then I've made the decision to introduce this as a bit of a regular segment. In saying this you will now notice I have created a new category called MINI - a collection of child related posts, which you can find on my home page whilst this has always been more of an adult based blog it is unavoidable that I am mother and want to share some interesting happening things out there in childrens land. Of course I promise not to over saturate you with too much to be honest it's not my style.. I've also set up a separate Instagram account so follow us on Mini Me Moments if it's up your alley.

Let talk about the style stakes but one things for sure she definately wore it better

Me: Singlet H&M Striped Pants : Cool Change Fedora ; Topshop Shoulder Bag : Celine Shoes: Witchery 

Annabel : Jumpsuit Little Edge Apparel Shoes : Seed Fedora : H&M Bow ; Pixies Bows


Location Emirates Park Zoo is a must to visit, surprisingly so it is well kept and there is a wonderful variety of animals to see complete with feeding experiences and actual animal encounters. The zoo also a hotel within the grounds so you can sleep amongst the animals. I am going to follow this up with an overnight experience at the zoo post some stage in the future.

Entrance: Adults - 25 DHS 
Children : 2-10year olds - 10DHS under 2 - free