We had visitors ... we don't get them often both of our families live 14 hours away so as you can imagine it's not an easy feat to jump on a plane and just pop in. But starting now I am trying out a trick to entice you to visit Masion Laflamme - details that'll make you feel like your in the luxury of a hotel at no cost.... we'll it's negotiable.

There really is  nothing to making a guest feel welcome in your home and one way is to put together a little guest basket of toiletries or useful items they can use during there stay. It is certainly something anyone can do, I put together two baskets of toiletries and a tote bag filled with some goodies. It doesn't have to be anything fancy I think if your an avid collector of hotel amenities you could collect and use these. But if you want to make it extra special here's what I did. 


I'm always looking for a way to invent or craft up something and although it's not a master project putting paint to tote still felt a little creative.  I found an ordinary linen tote in Dasio using word I created the text printed traced and painted it directly onto the tote then filled it with goodies. Since my mother in law is french canadian I added a little touch with the Bonjour.... never fear Aussie visitors on the back there is a gday.

So whats in the tote you may ask ?

  • Toothbrush - just in case ( I always forget mine)
  • Toothpaste - as above
  • Current Magazines - Jet lag gets the best of us so for your out of towners up at ghastly hours add a bit of entertainment- lets face it who knows how to use anyone else's remote after all.
  • Botteled water - Just a bedside comfort or for brushing teeth 
  • Panadol 


I enjoyed putting these together there is nothing to it at all and the most fun was thinking what to fill them with. Start with some Asian steaming baskets I found mine at Daiso I lined them with some unused tea towels and then displayed the amenities on top leaving them on the edge of the bed. You don't need to use the basket you could just leave the products in various spots around the room/bathroom but this way all the products stayed together in a neat place. The great thing about these baskets you can use them over and over again until the products run out and you can just replace them. Of course some items will be disposed of. One great reason to have this lying around if you ever run out of your own stuff it's a good little place to find emergency back ups.

  1. Sponge 
  2.  Molton Brown Body Wash - Caco and Sandalwood ,
  3. Molton Brown Body Wash - Gingerlily
  4. Jo Malone matches 
  5. Loccitane Soap - Natural 
  6. Loccitane Soap - Verbena 
  7. Palmers Coco butter lip balm 
  8. Loccitane Shea Butter hand cream 
  9. Loccitane Relaxing Pillow Mist 
  10. Loccitane Revitalising Body Wash 
  11. Jo Malone candle - Peony Blush and White Suede 
  12. Jo Malone Hand and body lotion - English Pear and Freesia

A couple of other things I like doing is lighting a candles for a couple of hours before guests arrive, buying some fresh flowers for the bedside and leaving some pillow mist on the table.

Oh and one more personal touch that I started doing and this can be either if your visiting someone or them visiting you is to leave a little card with some photos from the trip. This day and age everything is so digital it's nice to have some tactile tangible printed memories to gift.