Most people tend to ask a pregnant lady what are you craving, well in my case it's not food it's decorating .... I have already completely made over our house again in my head. This happened to me in my first pregnancy and seems to have come back around again so maybe it is a valid craving. At least it makes sense because we do need to to swap rooms, rearrange furniture. and start doing up some new rooms and if I can sneak a house makeover in I will. 

I have been scouring Pinterest like a mad lady and have found some really beautiful ideas I think sometimes I can take on to many ideas in the one space so I have decided to be a bit Scandinavian about it. I really admire how well their less is more approach looks and works. Today I am going to share with you a little mood board of my little girls big girl room she is the first on the moving list so it only seems right to start there.

The vibe is woodsy  still girly and pretty with touches of lace ribbon & tulle but raw and natural with the wooden drawers and bedhead. I don't want to go for the obvious pastel pink choice it seems too cliche, so I love this moody dusty version of the colour it is slightly more mature which should last in age. I think I will make a feature wall of it and use metallic or blush spots over the top of the paint 

  • I want to be involved in making and DIYing as much as I can -  I thought this ribbon chandelier was the perfect fit, it has some character it's not a too perfect piece so it suits the wood but still seems girly and pretty
  • I love the bedhead in the above photo perhaps still debating the word love maybe a love heart would look good too. Either way this will be a DIY piece made by my husband who is yet to know but he just finished a cubby am sure he is up for the challenge.
  • I am looking for a piece to go above the bed head these maven dolls or the cloud light is an option 
  • I have always dreamed of a teepee in her room I actually ordered a beautiful lace one for her first birthday that never arrived this time I am looking at making it myself definitely with the help of a tailor here. I love the idea of the tree branch holding it up we'll see if this is manageable might have to be edited,
  • I love these drawers they feel rustic and a bit woodsy like the teepee but I might soften with some paint around the edges and the round handles the same colour as the walls.
  • Annabel loves a good book so I am definitely going to put a wall shelf where she can see her books all displayed not hidden away.
  • Definately going to source a natural rug and maybe paint the edge or a fluffy beige one and cushions in the colour palette of the walls greys and beige.

Anyway thought I'd leave you with some other really beautiful images I just couldn't resist to share ... I hope to share with you her space once it's finished and don't be surprised if it's not anything like the mood board I've created thats another thing I'm really good at .... changing my mind.