One !

Happy Birthday our little chooky!!! Having a proud parent moment today ... our little girl turned ONE!!! I think anyone who has a child says to themselves where did the time go. Well I know where after looking at the 6,000 images and countless videos in what seemed like such a short time we achieved so much. There is nothing like a child to bring back the real joy of life in the year to date I don't remember laughing crying smiling or really living life like we have with thanks to you my girl...Annabel. 

I love this video but it is not nearly long enough nor does it do justice to this precious time we spent with you . We have loved every minute living life through your eyes.

As a wise Aunty once said we truly won the lottery of life !!! 

We love you sooooo much  .... (so much more than you love mlik!!!)

Keep Happy and healthy and we'll keep you safe

Your best friends ... Mummy & Daddy x