I don't know about you but I am so predictable when it comes to nail colour choice it's either a blood red, a french manicure or when I'm a little daring black.  Usually I go in with the intenion of a being a little different but that wall of colour totally overwhelms me and I run back to the usual suspects. So no one could be more surprised than me when I actually did something a little different this time.

I chose to be nail trendy with the lastest in nail art its called nail caviar and its just like you dipped your finger tip/s in a jar of sprinkles (hey there's an idea). It's the normal manicure process but before the polish sets they pour these beads over the top and press them in to set. I have not been able to stop running my fingers over them....it's a weird feeling.

I managed to find some DIY kits online see the link below :


I got these done at NSTYLE nail salon at AL ZEINA across from Waitrose it is the cost of a normal manicure with an extra 10DHS ($2.50) for each nail. Would I do it again yes- for a special occasion it would be perfect (good conversation starter) and no more than one nail per hand I think 5 fingers is overkill. Not only that the beads start to fall off after 24hours. By the way I would love the try the black on black ....see there I go again...predictable!!!!


NSTYLE colour : confidante

CAVIAR colour : lemon fizz