Who said good things don't come to Abu Dhabi ..... hold onto your purses ladies last night My Ex Wardrobe did !!! If you don't already know about the concept it's pretty simple really - The company runs both online and pop up shops selling pre-loved clothes, but don't confuse this with the thrift shop experience they deal with well known labels and pieces of a certain quality. The pop up shop concept was a really great fusion of fashion and food as for the first time they hit Abu Dhabi's shores at FANR RESTAURANT on Monday night. This is the first but not the last time they will be popping up so I encourage you to like MY EX WARDROBE ON FACEBOOK and be kept in the loop on their next event. For me the highlight was the line up of coloured shoes just like a box of crayons Carrie Bradshaw would have had a field day !! Thanks to my friend for getting me onto this.

Perhaps you want to buy or sell for more information see their website link below