So whilst you were all throwing a snag on your bbq's, diving in to a pool party or what I am really jealous at missing ... participating in the HAVIANA THONG CHALLENGE , I was having a monster feast of Australian treats. Well thats the best I can do being this far away. We are truly lucky to have the middle east adopt some of OZ's best produce (in my opinon) ......of course something we need to work on is importing Red Rock Deli Chips to this country..... the sweet chili and sour cream variety not that I am being specific or anything. 

I hope to be back one day on your birthday Australia, to celebrate you - the finest country I know. I found this on facebook it rings true:

You are the Gold to my Coast, the vegemite to my toast

 The sea to the sand, the beer to my hand

The thong to my foot, the Rhonda to Kutut

The Kanga to my roo, the BB to my Q

The WI to my FI, the sauce to my pie

The Harbour to my Bridge, the lamingtons to my fridge

The heat to my rash, the grog to my stash

The Holden to my ute, Australia you beaut!

And whilst you are nursing your hangovers today I am sure you can appreciate our finest glory in still life... btw I realise I am going to cop it for having VB but it's all we can get here!!!