For those of you out there who I've already spoken to about our camping trip to Musandam I am sorry to sound redundant so perhaps you can skip to the photos or the information , and for those of you who not heard it ..... it was great. We're usually on a plane come any holidays so it was nice staying home, having this little trip to look  forward to....  I know not everyone is a camper but this is surely a trip even those on the fence would enjoy and if not then I do still recommend you going perhaps just staying in a hotel but I do insist you pair the trip with an unforgettable dolphin dhow cruise there is not a person I've not spoken to who hasn't enjoyed this immensely.

We planned to camp with our friends for 2 nights across the border and into Oman which is approx 5 hours from home with 3 patient kids and probably enough equipment to stay a week. The border crossing was relatively painless but we didn't encounter any border run groups so we were lucky. We paid on arrival but nothing on exit.

So many things to enjoy on this trip the change in sceneary as we passed by the many emirates into Oman, the digital detox two whole days without internet was like a real switch off, the friendliness of the locals and something unique we witnessed bioluminescent in the ocean at night time which was pretty cool and a first for me.







Our friend managed to track down a groupon for a half day cruise here is the link we managed to get 39DHS tickets for kids and 79DHS tickers for adults and were also lucky enough to have the entire dhow to ourselves. The half day cruise leaves the port at 9:30am returning 1:00pm unlike the full day it does not include lunch but thats the only thing separating the two. We were greeted on board with life jackets Arabic tea coffee and dates. Throughout the day we were offered unlimited cold drinks and fruits and the boat came equipped with snorkeling equipment and clean towels to dry off, you really don't need to bring anything.It was a magical morning of sailing amongst fjords (not Elsas frozens fjords thank goodness) but just as spectacular We sailed through the inlets to Telegaph Island where we stopping for some snorkeling and a little land discovery  ....  On the way 'the highlight' we were greeted by a pool of dolphin who challenge and teased us for a good couple of minutes, ultimately making our day especially the kids it was truly a beautiful experience.







You'd be forgiven for thinking goats owned the town more than people they are literally everywhere they casually cross the road eat out of dumpster take naps under cars congregate in alleyways and have gatherings at Carrefour or casually perched on death defying mountain peaks Honestly I don't know the ratio but it feels more goats than people. I tell you another thing thats perfect its the disconnect there is no wifi so you can literally switch and that what we did a little digital detox