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It's Movember in case you didn't know that explains why there is so many creepy looking men around the place. I personally am all for the cause of prostrate cancer but I can't wait to get my husbands face back. In the meantime, I thought I could join in on the fun and prove that women can rock the stache as well. Let me tell you though I spent more time eating than wearing these ones. 

I found a great little kit at Lakeland which included 5 different shaped moustache cookie cutters that double as imprinters to make the staches look more authentic. I am sure you could use these on sandwiches and pancakes too just for some more fun. I believe the kit is available on Amazon and you have time so get onto it.

See below for a really good chocolate biscuit recipe .... I wish I had more time than I would have tried Vanilla too it would have been nice to mix and match colours.

Now if you can get past the chocolate images let me know which mow you like best on me .... I have my personal favourites!!!