It's crept up pretty quickly but Mothers Day is just around the corner and although most  Mothers would be happy with some breakfast in bed, a sleep in, or some homemade handiwork from the kids I thought I'd put together a guide JUST IN CASE.... 

mum copy.jpg

1. Macaroons - Why not try buying some beautiful pastel macaroons for Mum and taking them round for Morning Tea. Almost every bakery or patisserie these days make them - they are like the new cupcake - If you manage to find the salted caramel flavour these will go down as a hit... trust me. Think Adrian Zumbo or Laduree.

2. Country Road Checked Pyjama Bottoms - If your mum is anything like me than buying some Pyjama bottoms is a worthy investment - She'll live in these comfy cotton gingham ones from Country Road

3. Peonies/ Blooms - of course mothers day first though is with flowers If you don't know her favourite flowers you can always choose Peonies or hydrangeas they are really pretty blooms you can't go wrong with them. Great Florist in Brisbane Daisy Days oh and although it sounds expensive it's not more than any other florist The Fairmont in Abu Dhabi does beautiful flowers too.

4. Chocogram - For something a little different but no less decadent send Mum a chocogram - it's as simple as deciding what you want to say and with what flavour.

5. Frank Body Scrub - This is the beauty product of the moment. Most ladies love a good spa session and this is the cheaper alternative -  the home spa with Frank. It's a humble coffee scrub on my wish list doing wonders for stretch marks dry skin and acne... can't wait to try.

6. Dirty Little Secrets from otherwise perfect Mums - A read I am looking forward to. It is the account of many not so perfect mothers finally spilling there dirty little secrets - " I had to use my toddlers potty chair on the side of the road when I was stuck in traffic. I just couldn't hold it" I think you get the idea.

7. Mumm Champagne - 'Mum' is the word after all. Drink up a toast with the woman you all love 

8. Virtue Silver Jewelery - Virtue is  a local based (ABU DHABI) company selling beautiful jewelery worthy of any Mother. The range: from earrings to rings bracelets and necklaces all handmade 925 silver set with semi precious gems. You can contact them direct through their Facebook page - like them to receive information on where they will be popping up next to sell their pieces.

9. Personal Artwork - Why not frame a favourite piece of artwork for hanging on the wall or possibly even a collection of prints. There are some wonderful companies out there making children's work into real works of art see -

10. Coffee MugFor those early mornings I think Mum can appreciate a coffee mug what makes even better a cheeky but true quote or saying like this one.

11. Kate Spade Mom Said Necklace - You know the statement is right so why not give the woman thats always right the perfect gift!!!

12. Personalised Phone Covers - I haven't been wanting to do this for a long time. What makes it more special if you can find a beautiful photo from a special occasion or fond memory... these look great in black and white. There is a good website that wraps the picture around the case called WRAPZZ, alternatively you can go to the stores that print on t-shirts and mugs they will do this too and in no time at all.

13. Witchery Scarf - You can't go wrong with a beautiful scarf from Witchery