We managed to squeeze in a cheeky three days in Montreal, having a little get around car and staying in a city loft downtown made all the difference we were able to pack in a few very different adventures and some downtime too. Montreal had a great vibe as the Just for laughs festival was on and the city was buzzing with people entertainment and good spirits. I'm no expert on the city but if your looking for things to do I hope to be a small source of information.`


MOMUMENT DOUGHETRY  Jardin Botanique  -4101 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montréal,

Monument Doughetry is an Exhibition at the Montreal Botanical Gardens until September 4 .The gardens and their flowers are beautiful in themselves and there is an interesting exhibition on insects at the moment however it's these beautiful sculptures made from twisted willow branches that got us. They are a sight to see these two pieces of land art and are really explorative and maze like for both adults and children alike we spent our time running through around and between them. Also to note there is also a third interactive piece that allows visitors to gradually to take part and construct.



You have to stop for poutine you just have to it would be crime if you didn't. If you don't know poutine then your truly missing out on deliciousness, it's probably best described as heart attack on a plate but it's such a staple here that it's made it to the Mcdonalds menu. Made with fries poutine sauce and cheese curd I'm told its best served from one of those lunch shacks or foodtrucks but I'd be pretty surprised if you ever stumbled on a bad one. I hate to admit it but I'had more poutine than fingers on my two hands so far. Is it time for Poutine-tox .... I think not.


JEAN-TALON MARKET - 7070 Henri Julien Ave, Montreal, QC H2S 3S3, 

We stopped by these larger than life open air food markets for stroll, a little fruit and oyster pitt stop and bought some of the freshest produce. It's boastful of really good  fruit and vegetables and although at sometime it seemed whelming to choose which vendor to buy from, but it's truly a market lovers paradise. 



Rue De La Montagne

Like I mentioned we stayed downtown which was a blessing we were a short distance to the old port where we spent our time and not to far from Catherine Street where we ate our dinners. We stayed in a loft  which was great for spending lazy mornings watching from these oversized windows and enjoying the openess and space of an apartment oh and the Netflix



If there is one thing that I remember about this and the last time I visited Montreal it was the street art. It's another level I wouldn't call it graffiti by any means, it appears to be a real definite part of the city, so much so that you can see business's have customised pieces on store front or walls. You won't have to go out of your way to find these, you quite literally can walk any major street and you will stumble across unique and interesting pieces whether it be big or small. We drove past so many in the car that had me wishing I was walking the streets and admiring the work of these artists.



at MONTREAL ZIPLINE  Hangar 16, 363 Rue de la Commune E, Montréal, 

it'c called an Urban zip-line and takes you from the old port across to Bonsecours island whilst giving you a birds eye view of the city and a pretty good rush I'm told. Thats Hugo above, I would have definitely done this if I wasn't wearing a skirt. Great way to check out the Montreal Eye too. 



VOILES EN VOILES - Place des Vestiges (Quai de l'Horloge)
Vieux-Port de Montréal

There was also plenty of adrenalin rush for the kids too which me even more frustrated to be wearing a dress. This was an aerial adventure course for kids and adults it was based around an ginormous pirate ship and had obstacles running through around over and under you name..... it a ton of fun