Minx goes where no nail polish or nail artist could could go thats for sure. Minx is solid nail coating that can be applied to natural or artificial nails using a heat and pressure process and is available in graphic designs and metallic finishes. 

It does require a bit of time and finess so this manicure is on the more expensive side I guess it would range from salon to salon but NSTYLEs was priced at 220AED Approx $60.00 alternatively if your a member of groupon you can find some specials from time to time.

I chose a bit of a ghetto look with gold metallic and (because I cant get past the one finger different trend) I choose a gold black and pearl coloured pattern just to mix it up or should I say minx it up. The pattern lasts a good 3-4days where as the gold wore off straight away. 

Def another must try but I would recommend the pattern purely for lasting power over the metallic and once again for the price it would need to be a special special occasion.